Our Itinerary

Our Itinerary:

New Orleans USA, Nassau Bahamas, Ponta Delgada Azores, Malaga, Cartegena, Valencia, Barcelona Spain, Alexandria Egypt (overnight), Suez Canal,
Aqaba Jordon, Luxor (Safaga) Egypt, Dubai United Arab Emirates, Goa India, Cochin India, Penang Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (Port Kelang) Malaysia, Singapore

Monday, 28 May 2012


Well here we are already at the end of this wonderful experience.  Can't believe it's time to disembark.

The new Cruise Terminal in Singapore is absolutely HUGE and quite something to look at.  It's more like an airport in fact. There were dozens watching in the dark as we sailed in at 5.00am docking at about 5.45am. As we disembarked there we staff everywhere offering us help and welcoming us to Singapore.  We were all given a little momento pack as we were the first to ever use the terminal.
As it is closer to the airport it is only a short 15 minute drive which makes it all so easy.

The ship is now on a 3 day sampler cruise with all the 'big shabangs' of RCCL, Singapore and other Asian country representatives on board.  I'm sure Voyager of the Seas will be a great success in Asia, and we look forward to it visiting our shores in October.

I do hope you enjoyed me prattling on over these past few weeks. I loved sending my little reports to you all and hope you feel like you've been on this wonderful cruise with us both.  I'll be putting up some photos shortly.  First I have to unpack, wash and iron......oh well back to reality.

Thanks for all your comments, apologies for not being able to reply to you all but I did read every one of them. :)

See you on our next cruise...................

Saturday, 26 May 2012

DAY 40 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The ship docked early at 7.00am.  We ordered Room Service as we had to be up and about early and ready to go by 8.15am. Our ships transfer to take us to the Midway Megamall which is about a one hour drive from the port had to leave promptly due to the horrendous traffic here. What a huge mall it is.  I would recommend this transfer to anyone visiting Port Kelang because there is absolutely nothing at the port itself, and I mean nothing at all. 

The traffic wasn’t too bad according to the guide and driver of our coach; it looked pretty busy to us….lol. Once we arrived at the mall everyone was off like ants everywhere.  There are shops from all over the world, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Harvey Norman, Pumpkin Patch, just to name a few. Then there were the dozens of restaurants and fast food restaurants, all very cheap.

Everything is extremely clean and the choices in the stores were excellent.  It felt and looked like one of the big mall in the USA.

We had to be back at the ship by 4.30pm ready for our sail away at 5.00pm, but we actually left at 6.00pm.

The final dinner in the dining room was finished off with a song sung by all the Waiters, Assistant waiters, Head Waiters and the various ranks of Chefs.

One final drink up in the Diamond lounge then it was time to pack…..what a marathon that was after such a long time on the ship.  I had forgotten just how much we had purchased along the way.  Just as well we had an extra empty bag with us as we filled that up easily. Finally by 11.00pm we had squeezed and sat on our suitcases enough to finally close them up and put them outside the door ready to be picked up.

By the time we had said goodbye to everyone we have met it was nearly midnight. We can honestly say these past 42 nights have flown by, yet our time in New Orleans seems like years ago.

The ship was in full swing preparing for tomorrows arrival into Singapore.  We will be the first ship to dock at the new Cruise Terminal which has just been completed at a cost of $500 million. There will be TV, Media and Dignitaries to welcome us in at 6.00am. Voyager will be based in Singapore until October doing short cruises around the Asian waters before leaving for the Australia and New Zealand Summer season.

Tomorrow, time to disembark after a wonderful 42 nights leaving us with some most memorable moments from the wonderful places we feel we have been so privileged to have visited. 

PS. Just noticed  I missed a couple of days along the way as I’m only on Day 40, so you’ll have to just imagine those two missing days….lol. J 

DAY 39 in Penang, Malaysia

It was a short day here today.  We arrived at the port which is right in town at midday.  The weather was perfect again and very hot.  Only a short stroll from the port is a large shopping centre.  Everyone from the ship seemed to have the same idea and went to the mall.  Must say it was nice to be in the air-conditioning. As it was our first visit to Malaysia I must say we were surprised just how cheap things are here and therefore had to add a few more kilos to the baggage weight. J

Penang, not being a big place was easy to walk around, even in the heat. Some of the buildings are rather lovely with a touch of Asia, a touch of Portugal and a touch of Dutch and English, as they have all been a part of Penang’s history over the years.

At sail away we ventured down to the aft of the ship to check out the new area behind Johnny Rockets.  It’s a lovely place enjoy the view at sail away.

We decided to have a quiet night and we did, which surprised us, a first for us on this trip.
Tomorrow Port Kelang (Kuala Lumpur), Malaysia

Friday, 25 May 2012

DAY 38 at sea

Today is our final sea day of the voyage.  Tomorrow Penang, then it’s on to Port Kelang and then our destination, Singapore.

Its official, our Voyager of the Seas Chef makes the best Bread and Butter pudding ever. J Every now and then it’s there up in the Windjammer with lunch. It’s a favourite of everyone. Some Mums and Grandmothers won’t want to hear this….lol.

We had a very relaxing day; this is becoming a habit on our sea days.  Getting up late, enjoying ‘brunch’, maybe having a game of golf or table tennis then suddenly the day has gone.

Yesterday we had the final of our Progressive Trivia.  We didn’t win but came in 4th, we were happy with that as there were 16 teams playing.

The first full DreamWorks parade was excellent with all the characters of Madagascar. The lightening, music and characters really looked good. The kids are going to love this, we only have a few kids on board, maybe less than 20 and they all looked so excited as the characters came by and always stopped by them so they could see them close up and touch them.

We decided not to eat in the dining room and just have an early casual meal at the Windjammer after our drinks in the Diamond Lounge. Go chatting to people in the lounge and before we knew it we had just enough time to go down from Deck 14 to Deck 11 to the Windjammer and grab a bite to eat before it closed.  It’s so easy to lose track of time. The only time we watch the clock is when we are ashore as we know we have to be back by a certain time.

Our early night turned into a late night again because having eaten so late we didn’t want to go straight to bed on a full stomach so went off walking around the ship and by the time you stop and chat here and there it’s midnight again.

Shopping in Penang tomorrow J J

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

DAY 37 at sea

We continue to enjoy smooth seas and sunshine with the odd cloud here and there and temperatures in the low 30’s. Our wonderful poolside band ‘Riddim Wave’ play all types of music to entertain us around the pool. Gordon, our Cruise Director, said he’d walk around with a fork and prick everyone to see if they’re done so they can turn over and do the other side. J The entertainment on board is excellent with several bands as well as the Voyager of the Seas Orchestra, a pianist and violinist, Robbie in the Pig and Whistle who used play guitar with Jerry and the Pacemakers, if you remember the songs ‘Ferry across the Mersey’ and ‘You’ll never walk alone’, you’ll know who I mean. Every bar has some music going on as well as ‘The Vault’ which is the nightclub and last to close every night. Since we boarded this ship in New Orleans the earliest we’ve been to bed is midnight and that’s something for us! Must say we’ve been getting up a lot later than we do at home, like this morning 11.00am …..that is what is good about being on a ship breakfast doesn’t finish until 11.30 and lunch begins at 12.00 so we have ‘brunch’. J

A very lucky couple from Russia won US$20,000 in the Royal Casino yesterday afternoon playing video poker and got a Royal Flush. It’s a wonder you didn’t hear their screams of excitement. J Guess what we won?………….a tee-shirt and key ring…. True. We did win US$30.00 on the Roulette the other night……last of the big gamblers here...lol.

We’ve finally completed putting the clocks forward one hour each day and I think we’re on Singapore time now.  Since we left New Orleans we have had at least 10 time changes putting our watches one hour forward. They only do it on a sea day and at midday but when we have been going ashore we’ve been asked to keep our watches on ‘ship time’ so as everyone gets back to the ship on time. I must say no-one has delayed the departure of the ship in any ports on this leg of the voyage possibly because the last place anyone would want to be left behind would be Egypt or India…. ;).

Karaoke has been huge they’ve had to hold it in Cleopatra’s which is a big lounge. There are some great singers.  Barbara from the UK who is also on our Trivia Team sings beautifully.  I was asking her about her singing and she was saying she used to be a resident singer on the QEll.

Last day for progressive Trivia tomorrow, did you notice I haven’t mentioned it recently?  I would have if we were winning…….. J

Tomorrow, our last sea for the voyage and the day before we reach Penang.